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But as I sit here, an apology is — no.” The same day that the preview was released, Variety published a guest column by Sharon Loeffler, the sister of Parker’s accuser, who described how her sister suffered after the assault, as she watched Parker’s career take off. “It tormented my sister to see him thrive while she was still struggling,” Loeffler said. “I can only imagine the pain she would be experiencing now to see Nate Parker promoting his new movie, ‘The Birth of a Nation,’ which he wrote with Celestin.” Loeffler said the film itself further exploits her sister because Parker and Celestin had “invented a rape scene” as a plot device: In the film’s telling, the brutal rape of rebellion-leader Nat Turner’s wife is a catalyst for the slave uprising. “This is fiction. nextI find it creepy and perverse that Parker and Celestin would put a fictional rape at the center of their film, and that Parker would portray himself as a hero avenging that rape,” Loeffler said. “Given what happened to my sister, and how no one was held accountable for it, I find this invention self-serving and sinister, and I take it as a cruel insult to my sister’s memory.” In recent weeks, in response to waves of scathing criticism, Parker had adopted a somewhat conciliatory tone: “I’m a work in progress. I’m trying to be better,” he told Ebony’s Britni Danielle in an Aug. 27 interview. “I feel remorse for all the women that are survivors that felt I was being insensitive because I was.

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