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Clinical data were being collected into the registry from Blueprint practices across the state using the Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE), operated by VITL. Capitol Health Associates was providing consulting support to improve the quality of data being collected from Blueprint practices and to manage extraction of data from the registry for analysis. Data in the registry are the source of information for Practice Profiles, semi-annual reports provided to the practices to help them identify areas for improvement. Jennifer Fels, RN, MS and director of the Bennington Health Service Area said that the profiles “enable us to unite the community around common goals and common measures, especially as we move toward managing population health.” The Vermont Blueprint for Health provides a coordinated, statewide approach to health, wellness and disease prevention. With a network of Community Health Teams, the Blueprint works with Patient-Centered Medical Home practices and local health and human services leaders to improve primary care and improve health care outcomes at a community and state level. In the Morrisville Health Service Area, they have focused on emergency department (ED) avoidable visits to Copley Hospital. According to Elise McKenna, RN, MPH, MSED, project manager for the Morrisville Health Service Area, “we used the practice profiles to drive the conversation around avoidable ED visits. For our health service area, we have determined that we need to place an ED social worker in the hospital to ensure timely follow-ups after a patient visits the ED.” Given the importance of the registry to the overall mission of the Blueprint, the news that support would end for the application underlying the registry in 2015 was especially troubling. A new solution had to be developed quickly. The Blueprint, CHA, and VITL developed and executed a plan that minimized the impact of any system downtime while maximizing the investments already made in the current system. newsThe key elements of the proposal were: The State of Vermont secured a perpetual source code license to the software underlying the registry.

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